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gilliandavidpix's Journal

Gillian Anderson/David Duchovny Photo Community
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This community is all about featuring pictures of two of the most attractive people of our time (or at least that's what we think), Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny. You can post pictures of either of them or both.

Like many communities, this one needs rules. Violation of rules after two warnings will lead to banning. Let's hope that doesn't have to happen! Here we go:

Rules and Regulations

1) This community will NOT enforce the LJ-cut at all times as I think that depletes from the fun of a photo-specific community.

2) However! As with many things in life, a limit is needed. You are welcome to post up to three pictures per post without the LJ-cut.

3) Also, out of respect for layouts, please use the cut for pictures wider than 600 pixels. If you have no clue how wide that is, right-click on the picture and choose properties in IE. It's fine if you go over a bit but high resolution pictures (think life-sized) must be behind the cut.

4) Please also use the cut for pictures that are better suited for older audiences (think FHM :)

5) No unofficial pictures of Gillian or David's children will be permitted.

What is this LJ-cut you speak of?

Basically a link going to the page with your entry.

Its implentation is pretty easy. Simply put:


before the relevant image tags.

<lj-cut text="your text here">

will allow you to customize the cut link. you can close the cut with


if you have something to say in the entry afterwards that you want everyone to see.

Dude, how do I post images?

<img src="http://www.yourdomainhere.com/yourpicturehere.jpg">

Please note that sites like Geocities and Tripod do not allow remote loading of images (also known as hotlinking.. it's a bandwidth issue) and your pictures will not show up! Also please respect webmasters who ask their pictures not be hotlinked. Use your own webspace in that case. If you really want to post a picture but have nowhere to upload it, email April (maintainer) or IM her (check her user info for current information) and she'll upload it for you.

That's enough for now. Have fun!

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